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Design 2 List

Transform Your Home, Maximize Your Profit on the Sale

As a seller, we understand the importance of making your home stand out in a competitive market. That's why we offer our Design 2 List for sellers, a comprehensive service that will help you sell your home for more money in less time.

With our design boards, we can expertly stage your home to attract buyers and increase its market value. According to NAR, staged homes sell 8-10% more than their competition. We can even offer the option of selling your home fully furnished, providing a unique selling proposition.

If your home requires updates or renovations, our renovation boards can assist you in getting top dollar for your property. We'll connect you with trusted contractors and financing for the renovations upfront, eliminating any out-of-pocket costs until closing for those who qualify.

Even if you choose not to renovate before listing, our expertise in renovation design can help overcome buyer objections. We'll be the resource potential buyers turn to for guidance on updating your home to their taste.

Trust us to enhance your home's appeal and value with Design 2 List. Sell your home with confidence and maximize your return on investment.

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 Design 2 Live

Your One-Stop Solution for Home Furnishing and Renovation Needs

As your trusted real estate agent, we will help you find your dream home and transform it into the home of your dreams.

Design 2 Live for Buyers packages offer a comprehensive service for home buyers, providing resources for furnishing and renovating your new space. We understand how overwhelming it can be to tackle home updates, especially when your dream home isn't quite dreamy yet!

That's why our design and renovation boards are the perfect solution, offering professional guidance at a fraction of the cost of traditional designers.

With us, we'll connect you with trusted general contractors to speed up the renovation process. In addition, you can quickly find the furniture you love, and we'll handle the ordering and installation, ensuring your new home is move-in ready in no time. Or, if you prefer, you can do the ordering and installation DIY!

Experience a hassle-free move-in and enjoy your new home sooner with our Design 2 Live service.

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